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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Make an Informed Decision

Schedule a Pre-Purchase Inspection Before Buying a Home in Tucson, AZ

Learn the real amount you'll have to spend.

If you plan to buy or sell your home in Tucson, AZ, you should get a pre-purchase inspection. It is better to avoid surprises during this process, so I highly recommend you rely on an expert to help you make intelligent and informed decisions. As a seller, you’ll be able to set a price based on the results and get prepared to negotiate when the time comes.

Inspections Are an Important Part of the Process

This thorough procedure includes foundation, roof, and HVAC inspections. I am committed to checking every main system and documenting every ounce of information that I find. After being done, I’ll compile my pictures and notes to elaborate a detailed report about my findings. You’ll learn what needs to be done and if the home is in good condition.

This Is the Best Way to Care For Your Budget

As a buyer, you’ll realize that a pre-purchase inspection is useful to learn how much you’ll actually spend on your new home. It is not only about acquiring the property but also ensuring that it is a safe place to live in by making all the necessary repairs. I am always available to assess any house in the Tucson, AZ area. Get in touch with me today and request more information.

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