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Did you know that a home inspection is not exclusive to people who want to buy a new property? This procedure is extremely useful for homeowners who wish to renovate their spaces or learn about their house’s condition. At Excel Home Inspection, LLC, I ensure that every area receives attention so that you can start your new projects or repairs in Tucson, AZ.

I Check Every Single Component
My inspection services include the following:
  • Appliance and Septic Inspection: I check your dishwasher, range hood, range or oven, cooktop, microwave, garbage disposal, garage door operator, bathroom exhaust fans, and other appliances.
  • Electrical Inspection: I assess branch circuits, connected devices, fixtures, service entrances, and panels and ensure that every outlet is wired correctly.
  • HVAC Inspection: I inspect the entire system, including vents, flues, and ducts.
  • Roof Inspection: I look carefully at the drainage systems, roof coverings, chimneys, flashings, skylights, and other roof penetrations.
  • Structural Inspection: I thoroughly assess the walkways, foundations, floors, grading and drainage, walls, and ceiling.
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A home inspection lets you know about the areas that need extra attention and helps you prioritize when making repairs. This carefully planned procedure guarantees that every corner will be properly assessed and documented. If you reside in Tucson, AZ, reach out to me today and schedule an appointment.

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